$100 Apple Pie Review

You need a lot of luck in choosing the best e-Liquid flavors, if you don’t have access to really good e-liquid reviews. Vapers tend to buy what they think will be a great e-liquid, and cross their fingers when it arrives as they load up their electric cigarette atomizer for that first smoke. With any thorough e-liquid review on our site, the goal is to communicate the essence of the e-liquid so you know exactly what to expect before you buy. This Northern Lights Vapor Co’ apple pie e-liquid review is a perfect example.

Its one of the most popular flavor which will remind a fresh baked, moms homemade apple pie with its taste and warm, juicy cinnamon apples wrapped in a light and flaky pie crust –  little sweet, just like your Grandma makes.

Rest assured you are in for a great all around vape with this tasty apple pie e-liquid. On inhale, there is an immediate taste of buttery flaky crust, and then the apple chunks, like a powerful one two punch – it’s very impressive. The sophistication of this apple pie eliquid comes from the creators ability to create 3 unique flavors that have a certain synergy without becoming muddied in the atomizer.

The other impressive feat is the order of taste is similar to the order of taste you would discover eating grandma’s apple pie. You enjoy the buttery flaky crust before being treated to pleasantly sweet but not overpowering chunks of glazed apples, and a crumb sugar finish that leaves a more than adequate trail of vapor around you.

All in all this Northern Lights Vapor Co apple pie eliquid should easily become a standard electric cigarettes e-liquid of choice because of the flavor experience and adequate vapor. The vapor is not huge like some reviewed here, but it’s more than adequate. The aroma is nice but does not linger. With this eliquid, it’s all in the taste. You will have a hard time deciding if you are losing weight because you no longer need to eat while vaping this, or if you are gaining weight due to constant appetite seduction.

70% VG
Size – 30 ml
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