Pure Mango E-Liquid Review

Brand  180 Smoke

Flavor Note: True to its name, this Pure Mango is a fresh mango flavor that tastes like the real thing.

60% VG /40% PG, 30ml bottle.

With the fabulous aroma of freshly peeled mango, this mouthwatering Pure Mango E-Liquid has the succulent flavors of the tempting mangoes. The Mango flavor in this e-liquid offers a sweet and tangy taste that enhances the overall e-liquid tasting experience. It leaves a slightly tart aftertaste with deliciously punch flavor. The best part is that the smoke has thickness. The mangoes have a luscious essence that makes them a popular choice for smokers. It is preferred mostly for those who love extreme sweetness with a Midas touch of piquancy!

180 Smoke did exceptionally well with the first of their e-liquids that I tried, a bright, minty Berry blast. A good portion of the samples they sent over are of the fruity variety, and as a result, I chose to sit down with their take on Mango for my next review in their product line. I often say that with single fruit flavors, there is very little to say, excepting whether they fall on the natural or candy side of the flavor spectrum and relate how much flavor there is in the juice.

The fact is, there is very little profile analysis going on with these e-liquids, they’re either good or they’re not. 180 Smoke Pure Mango E-Liquid is good, very good. It’s wholly on the natural side of the spectrum with a very juicy, sweet, ripe, realistic mango flavor. The front side of the vape is a bit bland with a touch of sweetness, but the back end is a completely different experience as the mango slowly blossoms, reaching its peak with a bright, full, mildly acidic, natural mango flavor. While I wish the flavor was a bit more intense, the balance is solid vaping.

The front side of the vape is juicy with sweet, ripe, and flat-out luscious mango flavor that just keeps going and going long after the vapor from the exhale has dissipated. While the front end is a pure, clean mango flavor, the back side is equally fruity, but a bit more complex with an enigmatic tropical note that, not for lack of trying, I can’t seem to nail down. With a subtle, light fruitiness and an almost bubble-gum like sweetness to it, I’m leaning towards dragonfruit or guava on the finish. Whatever flavor it happens to be, it compliments the mango beautifully and makes for an overall vape that is, forgive the use of the cliched, overused descriptor, mouth-watering. I have to believe that this is not a reaction unique to myself, but it quite literally causes my mouth to water, and continues to keep me coming back for more. The sweet spot here is quite wide, making it a great option for vapers who don’t yet have the luxury of variable voltage.

Like most mango based e-liquids tend to be, this one doesn’t play particularly well with high wattage. I preferred it just under 7.5w or at 4.3v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. Admittedly, this yields a lesser throat hit than you could achieve by cranking the wattage up an additional few tenths of a volt, but you’ll end up sacrificing the full flavor potential, and 7.5w will still produce a good throat hit and a very respectable cloud.

Pure Mango E-Liquid kicks out maximum flavor and some enormous vaping clouds. Only one draw generates a tsunami of mango flavor as it’s subtle without losing its pedigree. The VG/PG in this E-Liquid will make your taste buds salivate at the very first whiff. The bold mango and tobacco flavor generate great thick smoke. The huge clouds of smoke will send you to your happy place and smooth even your biggest sweet tooth. Smoke this delicious Pure Mango E-Liquid, I loved it, hope you enjoy it too!

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