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Argus Air Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

VooPoo is one of the best brands offering high-quality vaping products. VooPoo has an extensive collection of vape products that can be used for different types of vape sessions. This post will focus on the new vape system, the Argus Air pod kit, which is one of the highest-selling products by VooPoo on the market. The Argus Air pod kit comes fitted with new different features including being versatile to work with different pod types and a dual airflow system. The Argus Air pod kit is ideal for pleasant vaping experiences. This device is one of many in the VooPoo Argus series.


The Argus Air pod kit features a pebble-shaped design. This vaping system comes with an ergonomic design that will fit in the hands and pockets easily. VooPoo also comes with a leather finish and a zinc and satin line finishing. The Argus Air device is also made with zinc alloy, PCTG POD material. This vaping system is lightweight and comes with dimensions of 95.3 x 31.4 x 19.3mm. The Argus Air weighs about 68 grams and is available in different color finishes including Classic Black, Carbon Fiber, Vintage Grey, Red & Black, Claret Violet, Silk White, Ash Brown, Snow Land Camouflage, Desert Camouflage, and Vintage Brown.

The Argus Air pod kit is also designed with a 0.69 OLED screen through which you can access all necessary information about this device. You can learn about the battery level, coil resistance, wattage, puff count, and many others. This screen also records and manages your daily vaping intelligently.

Like other VooPoo vape systems, the Argus Air pod kit is designed to be easy to operate. You can turn this device on by clicking the fire button five times. You can also adjust the wattage by clicking the same button three times. And by pressing the fire button for two seconds to navigate the menu.

The Argus Air pod comes with an upgraded magnetic connection designed to be invisible. This magnetic connection makes each insertion and removal easier for vapers.


The Argus Air has a strong battery with a 900 mAh capacity. This battery is designed to be easy to charge. It will take about 75 minutes for this battery to get fully charged. This VooPoo system can be charged via a USB cord.


Argus Air pod kit comes fitted with the GENE chip, which improves the performance of this device. This VooPoo system has a wattage range of 5-25. Argus Air also comes with two air holes that are designed to be adjustable. The Argus Air pod kit also comes fitted with two pods with a 3.8 ml capacity. This device works excellently with PnP coils.

The Argus Air pod device comes fitted with an ergonomic mouthpiece that adds to the fun of vaping with two different pods. This device works with MTL and RDL vape sessions. You can be guaranteed smooth tastes and pleasant air hole control. Argus Air comes with a full-view cartridge design that allows you to see and monitor the level without having to remove the whole thing.


This VooPoo device is also fitted with different protective features, so you don’t have to worry about anything going out of hand. Examples of these protective features include overtime protection, short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, output over-currently protection, over-discharge protection, and over-temperature protection among many others.


Like other VooPoo devices, the Argus Air pod is widely available for sale. You will get this vape system at any store where you can get mod boxes for sale. Or you can visit the VooPoo online store directly for other new vapes available.