e-juice Flavors

How To Pick The Best e-Juice Flavors

Choosing your vaping juice can be the make-or-break moment for many vapers. If you can find a flavor you like, you will find yourself smoking less and vaping more. But if you can’t find the right flavor, you may be frustrated and you may give up. So take your time and try some of the thousands of different flavors till you find a few you like.

Mixing e-Juice

If you want to mix your own e-liquid, there are many websites and suppliers to help. Start by finding a mixing chart that will give you the correct ratios for mixing the nicotine levels. You will be able to mix any strength and flavor to your liking. Don’t forget to use gloves and mix in a clean environment.

The list of e-Liquid here is in America’s top e-liquid developers and brands and also below shows the highest quality of e-liquids which are more than best prices, they also take extra exceptional pride crafting these amazing concoctions. The vendors also maintain and research for the highest quality and standards that I personally think very important when it comes to developing the prime quality of e-liquids. Try here a few of the e-Juice flavors listed below that you surely like and don’t be afraid to mix some different flavors up.

Every vendor here below is 100% U.S.A made.

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#1 Halo

With the highest standards and the highest quality control in the industry, Halo holds the hill when it comes to the best e-juice in the world. With 100% USA made e-juices, lot numbered bottles, date stamps, and FDA approved ingredients, Halo is the king of quality. Their flavors come in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg nicotine content and over 24 flavors. I like the sweet flavors, so the “Midnight Apple” is my favorite. They also have sample packs if you just want a little taste of each flavor.

Best E-Liquid Flavors Halo

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#2 Crystal Canyon Vapes

Just like a refined wine or chocolate, small batches taste better and have the best quality. If you can focus on one bottle at a time, you get a better product. That is the idea behind Crystal Canyon Vapes out of Queen Creek, Arizona. Family owned and operated, they craft only the best e-liquids using 100% U.S.A made ingredients without any added food coloring or additional additives. This is the kind of e-cigarette liquid you search for and cherish, just like a fine wine…Try The 5 Bottle Sampler!

Crystal Canyon Vapes Best e-juice Flavors

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#3 Mt Baker Vapor

Without a doubt, Mt Baker Vapor is one of the most popular companies out there. Mount Baker Vapor is mixing it up right in the beautiful Northwest corner of Washington. MBV has exceptional quality e-juices and provides the best value out there. They sometimes even throw in an extra bottle of liquid with your order just to be nice.

You can choose between 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg strengths. You also have the ability to customize the percentage of PG/VG and add extra shots of flavoring to each bottle. With options like that, Mt Baker Vapor has won a fairly large amount of the available space of my e-juice collection.

Mt Baker Vapor currently has the best selection of any e-juice vendor with well over two hundred flavors.

Mt Baker Vapor Best e-juice Flavors

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#4 NicQuid

NicQuid has brought to market a complete lineup of premium e-juices to the market. These guys are doing more testing and tasting than any other vendor I know of, they spent MONTHS testing each flavor. They are obsessed with the art of making the best e-liquid imaginable and their pride shows in their quality. As a Charter Member of the American eLiquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), they are setting an example of how to make premium e-juices from the best ingredients in sterile labs. A top-shelf-choice!

NicQuid Best e-Juice Flavors

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#5 eSnaxx | eSnaxx

A good friend of the ejuicemedia.com wanted a Premium E-Liquid handcrafted in York, Pennsylvania.  no other. Using that as a basis, artistic leeway was taken to blend and mix outlandish flavorings into what became the most flexible and top best premium e-Liquid bigfindeal e-juice. This is another liquid that fans just can’t quite agree on what exactly it tastes like. Some might say happy melon soda or tigers blood, others can taste the blend of berry and rare honey flowers. Actually, it comes with 8 different flavors. Blended to be a light and refreshing vape that has quickly become the favorite of many.

eSnaxx Best E-juice Flavors

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