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Candy King Air Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs Review

The Candy King Air disposable vape works by heating and vaporizing e-liquid, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece, but that’s pretty much the whale concept of vaping, isn’t it? Being a disposable device, it comes pre-filled with tasty e-juice flavors and boasts a whooping 6000 puffs. And if you are like me, always looking for cheap disposable vapes near me, then you and I may have just found one.

That’s not all this device from Candy King has in store as it may seem; let’s take a look at what all the buzz is about. 

Features And Specifications

  • 6000 per unit
  • Disposable Device
  • Mesh coil
  • 8ml of juice capacity
  • 50mg nicotine concentration of 
  • Tobacco-free nicotine

Design and Build Quality

In terms of its design, Candy King definitely went for something simple but still just as effective. Its overall size is still discreet enough to be used in public without drawing attention from nearby onlookers, despite its generous puff capacity.

At the top of the device is the mouthpiece that is designed to be just small enough to comfortably fit into your mouth. The device even features anti-leak technology, so you do not have to bother about making a mess when you put this device in your pocket or bag.

Inside the device is where all the magic happens. The Candy King Air is designed with a generous battery; although not large enough to guarantee its 6000 puff capacity, you do get to recharge it. Having said that, this disposable is one of those rechargeable versions, and it makes use of a USB Type-C charging port.

The disposable device from Candy King also features a 13ml vape juice tank that is prefilled with a 50mg salt nicotine-infused e-juice blend. This is perfect for heavy smokers just getting a knack for vaping.

Flavor Review

Candy King Air Disposable Vape Flavors are available in a wide range of flavors ranging from fruit combos to menthol blends, to give your taste buds a ton of variety. Let’s review some of them.

  • Sour Straws: You’ll enjoy a symphony of tastes from this expertly balanced mixture, including blue raspberry, acidic, and sweet.
  • Peach Rings: They expertly capture the taste of the peach fruit, providing a generous amount of delectable peach flavor together with a hint of sweetness and sugar for the most authentic experience.
  • Hard Apple: It combines a wonderfully balanced hard candy flavor with a combination of crisp, refreshing green apple flavor.
  • Pink Squares: Taffy, vibrant red cherries and delicious strawberries are the perfect combinations to faithfully recreate the lovely pink square candies you cherished as a kid.
  • Gush Fruits: Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, green apple, and orange are among the many delicious flavors mixed together in this. The most flavorful vape you’ve ever had is produced when the fruity mixture combines.
  • Mint Fresh: This flavor fills your tongue with a ton of wonderful flavor while being clean, crisp, and incredibly refreshing. It is quite likely to become your new favorite all-day vape after the experience.
  • Strawberry Watermelon It has a sweet candy bubblegum flavor, luscious red strawberries, and delectable watermelons.

About The Manufacturer

Candy King is an exceptional manufacturer well known among e-juice connoisseurs for their delicious e-juice flavors. Now, they also have their own vape devices that do as much justice to their expertly crafted vape juice flavors. The company has been in business for over a decade, so you can trust them to provide you with the best possible vaping experience. 


The Candy King Air Disposable Vape is definitely a hit in my books, and after a couple of drags, you get to enjoy the signature Candy King vaping experience, which is more like a bonus. On West Coast Vape Supply, you can buy this vape device for only $15.99, the best deal around.