Cyclops Vapor Apple E-Liquid Review

Looking in the right direction will make it easier for the shoppers to find their perfect Apple e-juice. There is a flavor, ATHENA Green Apple e-liquid, the internet community is talking about that offers a satisfying and great tasting smoke.

This e-juice has been said to be an absolute apple lover’s delight. Individuals looking for that sweet and sour candy flavor will find what they are looking for with this brand. Many of those who were reviewed about this flavor were surprised that they were satisfied with the taste without any additional flavor shots and that it is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The other thing reviewers were pleasantly surprised about was that it was a great vape that lasts all day!

About Cyclops Vapor: The Essence of Olympus

Crafted from the finest ingredients, Cyclops Vapor creates smooth, delicious and unique flavors every vaper will love. Discover the mystical chemistry that creates this nectar of the Gods.


No matter what the preference in taste is, there is no question that everyone wants a great apple flavor with a good hit and a great vape. Many are looking for that clean, crisp flavor while others may be looking for a sweeter taste. Along with this great flavor, people want a real hit with a great vapor!

  • Nicotine Strength – 18mg
  • PG/VG Ratio – 35/65
  • Atomiser – kanger sub tank mini
  • Flavour notes-tart green apple, sweet red apple
  • Bought from – Cyclops Vapor
  • Steeping method – 3 days in dark place

There’s a good reason I usually have over 100 bottles of juice waiting for review at any given moment. Juice takes the time to review. Flavors change and develop as the juice is vaped over an extended length of time.

Athena is a perfect example of what keeps that “Waiting to be Reviewed” box so full. Some juice, particularly straight forward, only flavor e-liquid, is the same from the first vape, to the very last drop in the bottle. More complex e-liquid, with multiple flavors blended into the mix, have subtle nuances that often, only make their appearance after one has sat down and spent some quality time with the juice and a fresh, clean atomizer.

In the case of Athena, even after the juice had been allowed to steep for over three weeks, this stuff was potent with sweet and sour apple flavor for the first 20 minutes I vaped it.


Given just a little bit of time, however, a strikingly realistic sweetness Red Delicious apple flavor, comes into focus, allowing the other flavors, that had been little more than a vague background fruitiness, to gain some definition.

The front side of the vape still holds on to some of the sweet red apple flavors, but that’s also where the green apple sour puckering tartness of the mellowed considerably flavors are most noticeable. And the combination of all two yields a delicious, fruity flavor with an almost apple pie or mountain dew like quality to it.
The same fruity quality persists through the exhale, but the ratio of the profile changes a bit, with the green apple fading a bit, and the sour green apple becoming somewhat more dominant.

Just as the finish approaches, green apple persists through to the finish and steals the spotlight from the other players in the profile producing an aroma you won’t soon forget.

Throat Hits:

This could be the real apple taste that many individuals want for an overall satisfying e-cig smoke. Smokers will enjoy the crisp and fresh taste in this flavor because it is just like that of a real apple. The throat hit of this e-liquid is “unbelievable”. The authentic taste of an apple can now be experienced in a satisfying e-cig smoke.

Vapor Production:

Not only has it been proven to have great taste it has also shown to have one of the best vapor productions on the market. With or without flavor shots people are raving about this delicious green apple taste. Even those who do not usually like green apple taste have fallen in love with the flavor. E-cig smokers are not disappointed with this flavor for the most enhanced smoking experience.

Cyclops Vapor’s take on an unforgettable flavor mix that is not as lip puckeringly sweet n sour as some other vendors I’ve sampled, but whether you like that super tart, acidic flavor is entirely subjective. Either way, this one is as tasty as any other vendors, with the sweet and crispy Red apple and bright green apple flavor from start to finish.

This one is bright and fruity in all the right places, but beyond that, it’s your standard sweet candy-like sour apple vape. Those looking for 100% apple taste for a satisfying smoke they may want to take a 2nd look at Athena – Green Apple vape liquid.

It is easy to see that there are several different options available for those looking for Apple e-liquid. In finding that perfect apple taste, smokers may also experiment with using added flavor shots to enhance the apple taste they are looking for to provide a great vape.