Starter Kit Review

Drag S Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

The VooPoo brand is known for the quality of its vape devices. VooPoo has several products on the market and the Drag series is one of the most popular among vaping enthusiasts. This post will focus on the Drag S, which is one of the newest pod kit releases by VooPoo. The Drag S offers a balance of aesthetics and performance that will appeal to a wide range of vapers.


The Drag S is a new pod kit featuring a sleek compact sports car design with a leather and PCTG finish. This VooPoo device looks so good that it has been described as one of the best pods for lady vapers on the market. The Drag S has an ergonomic design that fits in the hands and feels good. The Drag S has dimensions of 95mm x 28mm x 32.5mm. This VooPoo device comes with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint protections. This vape pod also comes with intelligent technology that makes for pleasant vape sessions.

The Drag S is available in different color finishes including Silver/Red, Silver/White, Silver/ Blue, and Silver/Dark Grey among many others.


The Drag S pod kit by VooPoo comes fitted with a 2500 mAh battery that can handle a 60W max output. The output wattage ranges between 5-60 W. This battery is long-lasting and ideal for long vape sessions. The Drag S battery charges very fast because it uses a 2A current. You can charge this battery using a Type-C USB charging port.


This device is also powered by the GENE TT Chip which is known for being smart and fast. This chip which fires up within 0.001s also offers smart switching start mode, score ranking, and puff recording features. The Drag S also comes with a sophisticated airflow system that allows for improved air-flow adjustment features superior to many other pods on the market. With this variable wattage function, vapers can easily control vapor production for customized vape sessions. This VooPoo sub-ohm vape pod also comes with 0.2 ohm and 0.3 ohm mesh coils. The Drag S pod kit comes with a 2ml PnP pod that is refillable and designed to work with a wide range of VooPoo PnP coils already on the market.

The Drag S is one of the easiest when it comes to refilling. This VooPoo device comes with an anti-leak filling mechanism so you don’t have to worry about spillage anymore.

This VooPoo pod also comes with different protections to ensure the safety of the vaper. These protective features include overtime, short circuit, overcharge, max power, output over current, over-discharge, and over temperature.


Drag S by VooPoo is available for sale at most vape stores. However, you can also buy directly from the VooPoo online store. The Drag S pod kit is sold for $59.99 at the VooPoo online shop.
Besides Drag S, you can also purchase other elegantly designed pods for lady vaping enthusiasts by the VooPoo brand.