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E Liquid 101 & FAQ

How Long Should I Charge My E Cig Battery?

When your starter kit arrives, charge your batteries initially for at least 8 hours (Pen Style E-Cig Batteries Charge for 12 hours) prior to your first use. Then use your E-Cig for about 20 minutes and put it back in the charger for another hour for better battery life expectancy.
After the initial 8 hour charge and additional 1 hour charge the batteries will only need between 1.5 to 2 hours to charge completely.

How Long Will My E Cig Battery Stay Charged?

This really depends on the user. In the beginning, your e cig battery should hold a charge for 4 to 5 hours. As time goes on this will decrease slowly. If you tend to go through many batteries daily, you should several batteries on hand or a PCC Charging Case.
There are several big battery models now available with mAh ratings from 280 to 1300 and these E Cigs will last anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours of normal vaping.

How Much E Liquid Will I Use?

For a pack a day smoker, the average amount of E-Liquid you’ll use is approximately 25 to 30 drops per day or a 10ml to 15ml Bottle of E liquid per week.

Can I Still Enjoy My Favorite Cigarette Brand?

Yes, e liquid & E Cigarette cartridges come in many flavors and nicotine levels. From Apple to Watermelon and a large variety of tobacco flavors to choose from in zero to high nicotine levels, there’s a flavor for every taste bud.

What Are The Benefits Of E Cigs?

– Very similar to smoking tobacco cigarettes without the tar, odor, toxins, lethal chemicals or second hand smoke
– Able to use E cigs in places where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed
– You will save 70% over the cost of tobacco cigarettes
– No burning, no need for lighters, ashtrays or air fresheners

Will A E-Cigarette Save Me Money?

It absolutely will, and lots of it. In most areas of the USA the price of a pack of tobacco cigarettes is $6.00 to $9.00 plus tax. A pack a day smoker at $8.00 per day spends $56.00 a week or $224.00 a month or $2,688.00 a year. An E-Cig Starter Kit costs the same as what you would spend on tobacco cigarettes in one week. After your initial kit purchase, you only need to spend $10 to $20 every 2-3 weeks for eliquid.