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Esco Bars Disposable Vape Review

Esco bars are disposable vapes characterized by mesh coil for outstanding flavor production designed in Texas by Pastel Cartel, which you can buy at West Coast vape supply for a great deal.

Esco bars vape delivers a powerful buzz and incredible taste, thus making the device popular. Although it is still new in the market, no one would love to miss Esco bar vape since most individuals have already grabbed their flavors.

Esco bar mega takes the lead as it is the famous and everyone’s favorite. Esco bar juice has approximately 14ml e-juice and lasts up to 5000 puffs. This characteristic and rechargeable ability make it long-lasting. Individuals enjoy every bit of the Esco bar mega e-juice because it is durable.

Characteristics of Esco bar mega.

Esco bar mega is known for the following features.

  • It has 5000 puffs
  • The content contains 5% salt and nicotine
  • It has a mesh coil for the production of the best flavor
  • It has a USB-C charger
  • It has up to 14 ml capacity
  • It has a battery capacity of 600 mAh
  • It is compact and portable
  • It is rechargeable
  • There is no airflow

Esco bar vape has an incredible capacity of 2500 and a nicotine content of 50g nicotine salt hit per device, thus long-lasting. This product has different flavors such as bubble ice, red apple, banana ice, watermelon ice, blue raspberry, etc.

Esco bar mega disposable vape flavors

Esco bar vape has the following flavors:

  • Watermelon ice-it has a sweet taste of ripe cold watermelon with an icy chill
  • The pink lemonade-this flavor tastes a mixture of sweet and sour tastes that gives a refreshing taste.
  • Strawberry ice-this flavor has a taste of fantastic strawberry taste with menthol taste.
  • Banana ice-it has a sweet banana taste with an ice-cold finish
  • Red apple- this flavor has a fresh-picked apple taste
  • Mango ice-it has a taste of fresh tropical mango with ice
  • Blue raspberry-this flavor has a sweet taste of blue raspberry
  • Mango guava ice-this flavor has a taste of both mango and guava ice.
  • Orange limeade- this flavor has a sweet orange taste
  • Blue razzle berry- this flavor has a sweet and sour taste like blueberry

How to smoke Esco bar mega disposable vape

Esco bar mega vape does not involve any combustion but a vapor; hence there is no smoking but vaping. Using Esco bar vape is not tricky; it is effortless. An individual should ignite the disposable vape pen and place it on her mouthpiece for inhaling.

Composition of Nicotine in Esco bar vape

Each Esco bar vape contains 5% nicotine, equivalent to 50g of nicotine. The nicotine composition is the same as 28 packs of cigarettes.

Does nicotine have any harmful effects on your health?

Most people are afraid to use Esco bar vape because of the composition of nicotine; they claim that nicotine creates an addictive tendency. The truth is that nicotine has risks similar to caffeine and taurine.

The above substances are used as daily stimulants. Most smoking risks come from chemicals and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke. Luckily, Esco bar vape does not have those highly toxic chemicals used in tobacco smoke. You can now use Esco bar vape without any worries.

What does it mean when the light blinks on a disposable vape pen?

Most disposable vape pen blinks when the battery dies or the e-liquid is finished. Try to recharge the battery; if nothing happens, you have to trash the device and get a new one.