Kind juice tobacco ridge review

Tobacco Ridge Introduction

Kind juice Tobacco Ridge vape juice is a time-honored tobacco blend that can take on many forms, depending on who’s at the helm of the eJuice mixing process. Kind Juice Tobacco Ridge is made with naturally extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves. Generally, the concept is the same: an Alcohol-Free E-Gel line base that’s riddled with any number of additives to give it special notes, like honey, cherry or even oak. In the case of Kind juice Tobacco from High Caliber flue-cured E-Juice, the grandpa’s e-juice staff was mystified by the name, being able to derive little more from it than the fact that this was indeed a new take on an old blend.

Kind Juice refers to their line of e-liquids as e-nectars for good reason. All of their E-Nectars are 100% American made without the use of any synthetic flavorings or any kind of sweeteners. In addition, Kind Juice is completely PG-free.

Popping the top off of the bottle and giving it a cursory sniff yields even less information for our talented testers, as the tobacco notes are far and above the most recognizable ingredients, with the mystery additives failing to name themselves by smell. One thing is certain, however: this tobacco has been Alcohol-Free E-Gel line to the greatest extent, with extremely dry notes that signal a hearty, Southern-style vape waiting to be had.

Three “flavors” from Tobacco Ridgeare available:

Sweet Carolina – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

This Blonde Canadian flue-cured tobacco leaf is our brightest leaf with taste as sweet as the Carolinas. We finish this delicate leaf with a touch of honey that was harvested from bees who pollenate orange blossoms.”

Viva La Libertad

Cigar enthusiast rejoice, long live liberty! This broadleaf Havana Tobacco leaf is grown from Cuban seed and sure to make even the toughest critics appreciate this unique e-liquid.”

Liberty Bell – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Liberty starts with American air-cured burley tobacco that is not too dark and not too light. We pair this whole-leaf with cocoa, dark coffee, and black cherry to give this tobacco a deliciously unique flavor.”

Once in a cartomizer, we’re ready to hit the go button on Kind juice Tobacco. What we’re met with on the draw is exactly what we had hoped for: a distinguished throat hit that’s powerful and fiery. The hit holds true to the trend that many tobacco vapes have become famous for and it’s one that signals a good start to any traditional-style blend. One thing to note about this throat hit is that it’s short, but packs a punch—users who aren’t partial to the throat hit may consider stepping down a nicotine level to mitigate its effects, without losing the bold flavor that follows it.

The flavor of eNectar Kind juice Tobacco swoops in like wildfire as soon as the initial hit is done registering. It’s a flavor that’s reminiscent of pipe tobacco, with detectable notes of what may potentially be another tobacco additive, like Turkish tobacco. Whatever the mysterious ingredients of organic Kind juice Tobacco Ridge may be, they come together in an appealing way that’s impressive to both Grandpa’s e-juice’ hardcore tobacco lovers and even our non-traditional vapers.

No great Tobacco Vape Juice is without the cloud of vapor that follows it, and eNectar kind juice Tobacco isn’t to be excluded from this trend. The juice has great vapor production, and when vaped at higher wattages, the vapor is downright impressive.

The long of the short is that Kind juice has a lot to offer. But this review is about their new line of eNectar organic e-juice called Tobacco Ridge This round will be for three juices from the Tobacco Ridge juice line: Sultan’s Empire, Sweet Carolina, and Partiot’s Brew. Kind juice Tobacco Ridge is a great take on traditional organic tobacco but doesn’t stray far from the ordinary. If you’re looking for a staple tobacco flavor that’s safe, this is an excellent option for you. If you’re looking for a more refined blend that takes some liberties with the formula and goes above and beyond to peak your interests, you might consider another option.