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Let’s Be Honest: Cigarettes Without Nicotine Are Much Better and Here’s Why

Nicotine addiction affects many smokers. This not only changes the chemistry of the brain, but it causes long-term addiction to cigarette use. The long-term effects of tobacco cigarettes make them less appealing.  But many people fail to quit because they miss the ritual of smoking This doesn’t have to be the case anymore when you discover TAAT cigarettes without nicotine, and they are much better than regular tobacco cigarettes:

  1. They Are Not Addictive

Since nicotine is the cause of addiction in traditional cigarettes, since these cigarettes do not contain any trace of nicotine, you do not get the same cravings as you would when you are hooked on a traditional cigarette. This in turn makes nicotine-free cigarettes like TAATs a great option to help you cut down your dependence on nicotine. 

TAATs, in particular, are made from hemp to provide a mild calming experience for smokers using the legal amount of CBD and THC while still satisfying the other physical cravings of smoking like the crackling sound when it burns. You can use TAATs to replace your nicotine cigarettes throughout the day until you are able to wean yourself off the nicotine.

  1. They Are Much Cheaper

This is especially the case for TAAT cigarettes. Your annual cigarette prices might vary substantially depending on which US state you live in, from as little as $5.25 per pack to a whopping $10.67 per pack in New York state. The average pack of cigarettes costs $6.28, or $2,292 per year. This does not include additional health expenditures associated with tobacco-related ailments, which could total more than $1.4 million in health-related costs, packing costs, and lost opportunity costs.

Because these TAAT, cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Finally, TAATs are up to 50% less expensive per pack than regular cigarettes.

  1. You Get To Keep All Your Smoking Rituals

Tobacco smokers struggle with the idea of giving their smoking rituals when they want to fight their nicotine addiction. We call them rituals because they are habits that have developed over many years of smoking and are difficult to break. TAAT understands this. What’s the use of creating a cigarette alternative that looks like a cigarette without actually giving you the same ritual that you are already used to with a regular cigarette. 

TAAT cigarettes look, taste, and smell like normal cigarettes. They taste like tobacco although they do not contain any tobacco. Finally, you can hold it in the same way you would a regular cigarette.

  1. You Get Hemp Benefits

CBD and other minor cannabinoid chemicals in hemp are known to have health . However,this product is nt intended for use in diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any condition.

  1. You Get A Free Pack Of TAATs 

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