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Modus Amanita Muscaria Voodoo Gummies Review

Modus is an alternative product brand that focuses on the manufacture of premium, hemp and Amanita products. The brand employs novel processing techniques to ensure that the end product is safe and of the highest quality. Modus has released a line of vapes, gummies, and flowers that have become quite popular among alternative product consumers. The Modus Amanita Muscaria Vodoo gummies deliver a potent dose of Amanita Muscaria while awakening every inch of your taste buds. These delicious treats come in different flavors to suit the needs of different consumers. Below is everything you need to know about these Amanita gummies.

Product characteristics

Mushroom extract effects

Modus amanita muscaria voodoo gummies are flavorful, made using 500mg of mushroom extract per gummy. This mushroom extract gives you the authentic taste in these gummies that ensures you enjoy your gummies maximally. This muscaria amanita mushroom extract also gives you strong euphoric effects and extreme focus.


In each bag of modus amanita muscaria voodoo gummies, there are 6 gummies, enough to quench your gummy craving while elevating your mood at the same time. The packaging is beautifully crafted, making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to spot on the shelf in the store. Modus Amanita muscaria voodoo gummies are light in weight, making them compact and portable. These gummies weigh 3000mg, which you can easily add to your luggage without hassle.


Mystical melon

This is a unique flavor that blends fresh watermelon with lemonade. The flavor gives you a fresh feeling that ultimately settles all your gummy cravings. The lemonade gives you a fresh feel, almost like it passes a cool breeze down your throat.

Strawberry elixer

This is an f; labor that has risen to the top of favorites among most consumers. It is an authentic taste of ruby-red strawberry that leaves you feeling nostalgic. This flavor is a must-have in your collection to enjoy your gummies.

Hocus pocus

You haven’t exhausted finger-licking flavors if you have not tasted this flavor. This is a mysterious f; favor that will leave your taste buds plastered and excited all through.

Green potion

This green potion is here for you if you want to experience a gigantic blend of tastes. It is made from green apples and mixed sweet, sour, and slightly bitter flavors. It is common among expert consumers who keep coming back for more. This flavor resembles green apple candy.

Enchanted mango

This flavor is very popular and tasteful since it mimics the taste of tropical mango. It has a fleshy taste that allows you to enjoy your gummy all day long.

Blue Magic

This new flavor tastes like the blue razz flavor with incredible effects on your taste buds. The blue magic flavor will leave you feeling excited about the next gummy. With this tasteful flavor, you will always come back for more.


It is a blend of flavorsome tastes that will sort your gummy cravings simultaneously. It is common among gummy lovers because it helps them enjoy different flavors simultaneously.

Where to purchase Modus amanita muscaria voodoo gummies

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