Mountain Dew flavored eLiquid by Gothic Vapor

This is an absolutely fabulous time to be a smoker. The invention of the electronic cigarette has opened up a plethora of options and benefits that smokers have never had before. In fact, it’s these huge benefits over traditional cigarettes that are causing smokers to pinch themselves. Is this real? Can smokers actually eliminate smoke… eliminate tar… eliminate ash… eliminate odor… eliminate cigarette butts… eliminate ashtrays… eliminate 2nd hand smoke… eliminate 4,000+ chemicals… eliminate carcinogens… reduce cigarette expenses by 75%… while avoiding smoking bans, and enjoying hundreds of flavors at the same time? Is this really the new reality for electric cigarette smokers?

The answer is an undeniable YES.

Today’s review then is on one flavor of the seemingly infinite custom combinations that an electric cigarette user can enjoy when choosing to purchase ejuice.

Gothic Vapor, a leading e juice vendor offers a flavor called Mountain Dew which is supposed to have the flavor of a popular beverage of a similar name… Mountain Dew. The flavor crew at Juicy Vapor have done a fine job providing tons of options to ecig smokers, but like a lot of flavors, Mountain Dew does not deliver on the promise of it’s name.

The version reviewed was the VG (higher vapor, lower flavor) version, and that very well may have impacted the end results. In defense of Juicy Vapor, they do offer PG and PG/VG blends that offer more flavor. Nicotine was also set to 0.45 LBS (a full flavor equivalency), to give it a little more bite for someone that is used to SIZE OF 30 ML.

The flavor ended up very raw. It had a citrus taste but no where near Mountain Dew. It was more like a diet off brand citrus flavored drink. Score the flavor a 9.

What made matters worse, was that the VG did not produce more vapor than the PG/VG combinations that had been reviewed previously. The vapor is definitely sufficient but not outrageous as one would expect by choosing a max vapor VG blend. Score the vapor a 7.5. If it had been one of the other blends, maybe you score the vapor an 8, but for the expectations of the max vapor VG, you have to score this a bit of a disappointment at 7.5

The other disappointing aspect was the fact that it really planted it’s roots in the atomizer. When you’re ready to move on to a more satisfying flavor, there’s nothing like having residual flavors in your atomizer that you cant get rid of. After smoking a chocolate cartridge for about 30 minutes, it finally seemed to be removed.

All in all, a lot of disappointment from a flavor that brought a lot of fun and expectation. If you’re thinking about ordering Juicy Vapor Mountain Dew, I’d say go with the straight PG version to maximize the flavor and cross your fingers, because the flavor is not a lock.

Overall Score for Gothic Vapor Mountain Dew: 8

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