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Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Honey Cream Review

Honey Cream by Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve takes natural and raw tasting honey and blends it with a magnificent layer of premium cream to produce a flawless vape juice unlike any other. When steeping this vape juice, Phillip Rocke uses a steeping method unlike any other company – they use aged brandy barrels in the process for up to 3 months before being bottled. This aging process imparts a deep and rich brandy notes to their Grand Reserve series of vape juices that provide added complexity, warmth and richness of flavor. Upon taking a puff of Honey Cream, you will get an explosion of raw honey taste that came fresh from the beehive. This rawness is hard to describe but you will know it when you taste it. When you let the aromas and flavors mingle slowly in your mouth, you will be astounded by the layerying executed in this ejuice that tastes of many different things all at once. The vanilla and mild hazelnut infused cream with the raw honey in this blend is something to behold and to savor. It plays tricks on your mind with its deep, rich and satisfyingly smooth vaping experience.

Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Honey Cream is a high VG vape juice and made with 80% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20% propylene glycol (PG) base. It will let you blow out massively thick clouds while not being overpowering in flavor. The smoothness of this vape juice will have you finishing the bottle in no time!  Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Honey Cream can be purchased from Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store is located in Malaysia and provides a 7 day delivery express service to the USA via DHL Express. Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve Honey Cream freebase version costs USD21.99 for a 60ml bottle and USD21.99 for a 30ml nicotine salt version (40mg). Use code CASH10 for a USD10 discount on your first purchase (USD50 minimum spending applies).