Vaping Review

Phix Pods Vs Alto Pods

Phix and alto pods are some of the best-selling pods at the Hazetown vapes store. Why is this so? These pods are created to provide an unmatched experience. They have impressive vape juice capacity, sleek designs, varying nicotine strengths, and are extremely easy to fix and use. 

The pods are made in multiple tantalizing flavors that leave your tongue waggling and longing for more. From built material to convenience, it is hard to find pods that compete with these two. This review explores the top similarities and differences between the Phix Pods, which are compatible with the PHIX 2.0 device, and the Alto pods, which are compatible with the VYPE alto vape devices, VUSE ePod devices, and now the NEW Vuse ePod 2. Let’s begin…

Pods capacity

Phix pods have a vape juice capacity of 1.5ml, and there are four pods, making the concentration of 6.0mg enough to last you through a very lengthy vaping spree with the production of highly voluminous clouds.

On the other hand, alto pods have a greater vape juice capacity of 1.8ml per pod. The pods are two in the package making the vape juice capacity 3.6mg for even puffier clouds and way longer flawless vaping sessions.

Nicotine strengths

Phix pods have a 50mg nicotine strength, high enough to satisfy your nicotine craving in one sitting. They do not offer options to choose your preferred nicotine strength, and this limits consumers who would love the pod in different nicotine strengths, perhaps weaker concentrations than 50mg.

Alto pods alternatively offer a more comprehensive range of nicotine strengths to choose from, considering people would love to experience different levels of nicotine depending on their mood and preference. These nicotine strengths are 18mg, 24mg, and 50mg. With these choices, the seller is sure to attract more consumers who resonate with lower concentrations of nicotine compared to when they offered only one option for nicotine strength. As a consumer who wants to experience different levels of nicotine, this alto pod is the best pod to consider for purchase.


Phix pods have very pleasing flavors that can hardly be seen in other brands across the industry. They are created by very experienced flavor experts who have been in the game all along. These flavor experts know when and how to improve flavors and how to keep the customers coming. These Phix pod flavors are cool kiwi apple, gold blend tobacco, cool watermelon, grape, mint, cool mango, mango, cool grape, blue raspberry, cool melon, spearmint, original blend tobacco, ice, hard strawberry, and tobacco.

Alto pods flavors are familiar among Vuse and vype pods and are expertly designed to create a lasting impression on your tongue and keep you on the lookout for better flavors. The flavors are continuously upgraded to support the consumers coming and meet their savory and sweet-tooth cravings while also ensuring they enjoy their pods. These alto pod flavors are aromatic tobacco, berry, blood orange, blueberry, cool peppermint, golden tobacco, passion fruit, polar mint, rich tobacco, strawberry, vanilla, watermelon, mango, lemon berry, velvety mix, river mint, forest mint, fresh spearmint, spearmint, cucumber, peach, iced mango, ice mix, iced cherry, iced pineapple peach, watermelon berry.

Where to purchase the Phix and the Alto pods

You can find Phix, Alto, and other top-tier pods on the Hazetown Vapes website. The online store stocks premium products from international brands. Visit the site today and enjoy convenience, exceptional service, and affordable prices.