Basics of E-Liquid

Preventing E-liquid From Going Bad


If you are a newbie at vape juice storage, it is best to order just a small amount of the products up to 30 ml . Improper storage could make the liquid go stale. An ejuice could actually remain perfect for up to two years, provided that you store it correctly.

It is greatly affected by light and heat. PG, one of its main ingredients is a bactericide and a virucide so it will not be affected by viruses and bacteria. Other components of the liquid can be prone to spoilage.

Flavorings can get hazy and tarnished. Nicotine could degrade when exposed to air, moisture, heat and light.

Store the ejuice bottles in a closed box or cupboard and in a place where it is dry and cool. The refrigerator is a fine place to store the liquid. Most people would find it ideal to keep their liquids in dark room temperature.

Low temperature will reduce oxidation rate and will also prevent growth of bacteria and mold. Chemical reactions are slowed down so nicotine remains fresh for a long time.

It is best to store the liquid in glass bottles so it would not be affected by the components of the container. Plastic bottles mat react with the liquid components and affect the flavors and quality of vape juice.

Some are concerned about possible cracking of glass bottles, but PG and VG have very low freezing points that are not usually offered by household freezers. The perfect condition of the e-liquid is quite crucial. Maximum freshness can be achieved at room temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees.

Refrigeration is likewise recommended for long term storage of pre-filled cartridges. Do not place cartridges and vape juices in an area where it gets warm and where there is light, such as on top of your desk near a window.

Dark glass bottles are recommended long term storage containers. The dark coloring of bottles can help in preventing light from going through the ejuice and thus keep it fresh. Plastic bottles are ideal only for short term storage. Be careful not to trap air inside the bottle.

Mixing Of Flavors

Flavors should also not be mixed. The most unstable component of the liquid is its concentrated flavoring. Flavors have water components that could cause the quick decomposition of the ejuice.

Fruit flavors are very susceptible to decay due to ester that can hydrolyze into acids. It could make the product stinky and sour.

Store products separately. If you are a DIYer, it is best not to mix ingredients until you already need to use it. During storage, it is best that each ingredient is stored in its own container. One bottle for flavoring, one bottle for nicotine, one bottle for PG and so on.

Detection of Spoilage

You could detect if the ejuice is going bad. It is normal to see ingredients separating from one another. Thus, you need to shake it prior to use.

A juice that has gone bad and has oxidized will also appear darker in color. Although vaping an oxidized vape juice is not hazardous to health, your taste buds would surely not welcome it.

However, if the ingredients did not mix after you shook the bottle, it could be a sign that the product has gone stale so it would not be good to vape it anymore. It is best that you purchase your vape juice in smaller quantities and reordering weeks before your supply runs out.