Review of French Toast elequid

With the electronic cigarette craze in full effect now, word is getting out that you can do better than smoking that boring old traditional cigarette. Electric cigarettes remove the ash, odor, tar, smoke, carcinogens, chemicals, and 2nd hand smoke concerns while saving you 75%, and giving you more flavor options! Easy to see why they are catching on so fast isn’t it?

With the electronic cigarette explosion, e cig owners are discovering ways of enjoying these new flavors, by moving past cartridge replacement to the actual e liquid. If you are new to eliquid, eliquid is the smoke juice inside of the cartridges that electric cigarette owners buy. These cartridges are much less expensive than cigarettes, and contain the nicotine and flavor essence that produces the vapor that is smoked. Buying electric cigarette cartridges is already a bargain, and has it’s advantages. First of all, the cartridges are prepackaged from the factory, and are just an overall cleaner, faster and more convenient experience.

However, electric cigarette owners have the option of using their old cartridges, and refilling them with e juice of their choosing. While it takes a wee bit of practice (it can be mastered in 1-2 attempts… pretty easily), refilling cartridges with custom eliquid, gives the smoker a huge range of custom flavor and nicotine options.

Today’s review is on one such e liquid called French Toast elequid.

Juicy Vapor French Toast is exceptional. With a few puffs of this amazing e juice, you have thick vapor (score vapor at 8 out of 10, for thick), and an aroma of buttery maple waffles or pancakes. Yes it’s hard to distinguish if the flavor and aroma is actually french toast, but there is no doubt you are enjoying a plate of syruppy goodness just like breakfast in Momma’s kitchen.

Score flavor at a 9.

The pricing is great as well. Use of the e liquid is as affordable as any electric cigarette flavor cartridge. So score pricing an 8.French Toast elequid offers different sizes from sample bottle 3.99 for 3ml, up to a large size 15ml for less than a dollar per ml.

The only downsides are those associated with the eliquids in general. Loading the cartridges can be time consuming (usually takes 1 to 2 minutes to do it properly). Also, the e liquid flavors can be so intense that it is impossible to get the flavor out of an atomizer. This flavor is intense, and after switching to a new eliquid, there was a residual taste of maple syrup in the flavors smoked afterwards. That means that you will need a special atomizer reserved for this flavor, or you will need to smoke only this ejuice. Otherwise, every future flavor you try will have a hint of French Toast elequid in it.

Overall Review: 9 for Juicy Vapor French Toast e Liquid