Review of Vaporfi e Liquid Flavor Java Jolt

Take a poll of electronic cigarette smokers, and you’ll find that most of them are satisfied with the decision they made to switch from traditional smokes to something far superior. If you read the comments on a recent FDA petition signed by over 13,000+ happy ecig owners, you will discover the probable reality… that 100% of electronic cigarette users are happy with the decision they made to switch.

They are happy because they finally have options. They can enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle while continuing a habit they truly enjoy. Smokers are excited because electronic cigarettes do not contain smoke, tar, ash, 4,000 chemicals, carcinogens, odors or cigarette butts. They provide a purer experience, and save smokers upwards of 75% over the cost of regular smokes. Electric cigarettes can also be smoked almost everywhere, as they are not subject to second hand smoke laws. These benefits are building traction with smokers, and many are switching with each day that passes.

The icing on the cake for most smokers though, is the ability to customize their flavor and nicotine levels.

Blu is one of the premier electronic cigarette providers, and they offer replaceable flavor cartridges for their electric cigarette. This review is for their 5th flavor called Java Jolt.

Let it be known that most people who try this flavor form an instant connection to chocolate. Very few people believe this is an actual coffee flavor as they originally intended. However, the chocolate is so delightful, that many people have made this their number one cartridge of choice.

The chocolate flavor is thick and hearty, yet not overpowering. Score the flavor an 8, and it has a bit of a throat hit which is a nice added bonus. The vapor is strong and consistent when not all flavor cartridges are. This one wraps the user in a blanket of chocolate vapor that is sure to please. Score the vapor an 8 as well. Pricing is great at .80 to a dollar per cartridge. With each cartridge offering 100 puffs, this continues to be a huge value. Score value a 9.

All in all, the Java Jolt by Vaporfi is a nice surprise, and performs well. If you are a coffee drinker, you may enjoy this flavor but probably not for the initial reasons you were expecting.

Overall Rating for Vaporfi Java Jolt Cartridges: 8