Smok Stick V8 Kit Review

If you are an intermediate vaper who’s into the pen-style vaping devices, then you know exactly how frustrating it can be to find the right device to satisfy your needs. It often seems like every device you try is an epic fail. Well, if you haven’t yet had the chance to try any of Smok’s offerings in this area, then you no-doubt have been missing out on some of the best pen devices around. Not to worry because there’s a new product on the market now that follows the success of the Smok Alien Kit, and it’s another fantastic Smok Vaping Pen.

This is indeed a starter kit, so you pretty much know what you’re going to see before you even open the package. The whole reason for buying a kit is so that you will get everything you need to get started vaping right out of the box. Well with that said, with the Smok Stick V8, you get one  powerful 3000 mAh battery which will provide all the power you need for those inevitable prolonged vaping sessions. You also will get the infamous TFV8 big baby tank, along with 2 V8 baby m3 core dual coils – one of which comes pre-installed. There is also a standard USB cord that can be used for charging, a few spare parts, an owners-manual, along with a vape band to help you keep track of your device.

Like many of the premium vape pen devices of this kind, the Stick comes with a battery life indicator, which is prominently displayed just a short distance below the drip tip. The tank is clear, enabling you to see your e-juice-level. The pen is a shapely, tube design. The stick in available several different color options which include matte black, metallic silver, and a unique seven-colored design that looks something like a tooty-fruity candy. The entire device is easily disassembled, which makes it a snap to clean.   

There are two large air slots on the Smok V8, and both of them are adjustable. This helps you to obtain better control over how the device functions, along with the amount of vapor that you will be able to squeeze out of it. You’re gonna be using those slots a lot, since the baby m2 coils are built in order to bring those clouds that we all love.    

It’s a known fact that we all are used to having to deal with different mods and other advanced tools to achieve those wonderful sub-ohm results. Of course we enjoy that, but there are certain times when it would be nice to get a similar experience with a simpler setup. Just in the nick of time, enter the Smok Stick V8. This is one sub-ohm device that is worthy of the name, and it is made all the more attractive by its stylish and simple pen design. Here you have what every cartomizer and clearomizer vape pen truly aspires to be. I really gave this device the old once-over and examined every square inch of it to see what made it tick. (kinda my un-official duty) Everything starts with that powerful battery. Fact is, that if you want to get those sub-ohm clouds, you will need to have a battery that you can trust without hesitation. With 3000 mAh, this unit’s power source without a doubt gets the job done, You won’t be needing to set it down for a recharge every hour. The Smok Stick V8’s airflow control undoubtedly gives you all the flexibility you need to find that perfect spot for your vapor production. Unlike airflow holes on some units that you can only exercise marginal control, this device will give you the ability to fine-tune air intake perfectly. The  engineers over at Smok included an enlarged chimney diameter to ensure that extra air doesn’t get impeded. Conclusion The Smok Stick V8 is indeed far more powerful than its pen design suggests, along with its ability to provide everything that you will need to maximize its coil effectiveness and airflow. Suppose I were comparing this to the other sub-ohm devices in the mod category, it would qualify as an average alternative. When I compare it to each and every other vape pen I’ve tried, it’s far and away the best e-cig offering I’ve seen to date. This one gets my recommendation for sure. Check out Ultimate Vape Deals for some unbelievable deals on e-liquids and vape hardware.