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Sunset Sherbet Cartridge by Medusa Review

The market is filled with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products, ranging from Delta 8 to Delta 9, Delta 10, THC-O, and THC-P. All these compounds provide varying effects and benefits to consumers. THC-O is a highly potent synthetic cannabinoid that provides a powerful psychoactive effect, which is almost psychedelic. The cannabinoid is an excellent option for consumers who want to experience effects beyond what Delta 9 offers. Medusa is the one-stop shop for all things THC-related. The brand stocks a comprehensive list of products that wil heighten your experience each time. The THC-O cartridge is available with either 1 gram or 2 grams. One of the best-selling THC-O cartridges from Medusa is Sunset Sherbet. This product provides mouthwatering flavors, a high bioavailability, exceptional vaping experience, and potent effects. Let us look into these features more comprehensively below;

Product description

Compatible with numerous batteries

No one likes a limited gadget, and Medusa  understands this. As a result, the brand has created cartridges compatible with most of the vape gadget batteries on the market. The Sunset Sherbet Cartridge fits perfectly with any low-wattage 510 mods and batteries. This provides you with a host of devices you can work with for a memorable vaping session.

Mouthwatering flavor

The Sunset Sherbet Cartridge contains THC-O blended with strain-specific terpenes to produce a flavor similar to the much revered Sunset Sherbet strain. Consequently, as you vape, you will experience a blend of mouthwatering flavors characterized by bold fruity flavors. As you vape, your taste buds will be treated to a sweet, dessert-like flavor with some honey, creamy, and earthy hints. This is one of the best-tasting strains you will ever come across.

Fast-acting and high bioavailability

Vaping is the best method to utilize if you want almost-instant effects. This is because, when vaped, the THC-O vapor goes directly into the lungs, where it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. This is unlike edibles, which must undergo the digestive process before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Vaping produces effects within 5 to 15 minutes and lasts for 4 to 8 hours depending on various factors (physiology of the consumer, amount vaped, and level of experience). Since vaping leads to direct absorption of THC-O in the lungs, the amount of the compound that makes it to the circulatory system is roughly 60% to 70%. The high bioavailability means you will need reduced doses to achieve the intended results.

Exceptional experience

Medusa creates pure, potent, and top-tier products. You can be assured that when vaping, you will not experience issues like burnt hits, overheating, repulsive chemical flavors, or unsatisfying hits. The brand has created its line of THC-O cartridges and vapes to provide unmatched performance that will keep you coming back for more.

Potent THC-O effects

As mentioned earlier, THC-O is a highly potent compound. The effects border on psychedelic, so you are advised to practice moderation during vaping. Some of its effects include euphoria, moderate body buzz, hallucinogenic, and spiritual. Therapeutically, THC-O helps with appetite stimulation, combating anxiety, and pain relief.


The 2-gram cartridge: Sunset Sherbet Hybrid is a must-have product for anyone seeking to enjoy THC-O’s numerous effects and benefits. Get yours today!

Where to buy

You can purchase the Sunset Sherbet Cartridge from the Medusa D8 website for only $29.99. The brand encourages bulk/wholesale purchases by offering discounts of up to 20%. Visit the site and explore the numerous products Medusa offers, plus the multiple deals and discounts.