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TAAT Cigarettes Review

Do you know abotu the new smokes packs from TAAT? If you don’t, here’s everything you need to know. Statistics show that packaging plays a significant role in sales, and TAAT has gone all the way to offer its consumer visually appealing packs. From the first glance, you will be drawn in by the vibrant colors and the impeccable style of the box.

TAATs come in three flavors, namely Smooth, Original, and Menthol. Each pack has its identifiable hue, while the overall box design (don’t, white space, illustrations, and company information) remains the same. The smooth pack is blue, the original pack is red, and the menthol pack is green.

What are the different components of TAAT’s new smoke packs?

The TAAT pack has an easy-to-open flip-top box that is the same size as conventional cigarette packs. Inside are 20 king-sized cigarettes made from 90% hemp, 5% water, and 5% food-grade ingredients. These sticks take on the flavor of famous brands, such as Newport, Winston, and Marlboro.

The front side of the pack highlights the brand’s name, TAAT. It also contains information on the flavor of the pack (smooth, original, or menthol) and the number of cigarettes inside the pack. The bottom part emphasizes the fact that the cigarettes contain zero nicotine and zero tobacco.

On one side of the pack is a QR code, which offers 3rd party laboratory results when scanned. The hemp used in the manufacturing of these cigarettes is organically grown. This ensures that the clients do not consume cigarettes laced with harmful substances. All ingredients used are safe, and the lab results are included to ascertain this fact.

On the other side of the pack, you will find a warning on the side effects of smoking. This complies with the law to inform consumers of the potential risks of smoking.

What are the different components of TAAT’s new smoke cartons?

Each carton contains 10 TAAT packs, making a total of 200 sticks. The design of the cartons is aesthetic, and the different components fit together to give it an attractive look. The carton provides information on the brand name, the cigarettes’ flavor, and the number of cigarettes it holds.

What makes TAAT different from other brands?

This is an easy question. TAAT cares about its consumers. Its mission is to ensure that consumers switch from tobacco cigarettes to much healthier and safer hemp cigarettes. This, they hope to achieve naturally without the consumer feeling the pinch of the transition. How do they accomplish this?

One thing that has kept many individuals hooked on conventional cigarettes apart from the nicotine addiction is the tradition. Cigarette smoking involves numerous rituals that are hard to let go of. For example, the oral fixation of the sticks, the crackling sounds made as the cigarettes burn slowly and make thick clouds of smoke.

TAAT products have been specially made to mimic the experience offered by conventional cigarettes. The brand has captured every detail to the tee, including the flavors.

The new packs are excellent at drawing attention due to their aesthetic appeal. They also help build brand image and enable customers like you to understand the product before purchasing.


The TAAT pack goes for the competitive price of $6.99, while the carton retails at $59.99. Wholesale can also make purchases at discounted prices. For a free pack, visit trytaat.com today and get to enjoy the same smoking traditions without nicotine or tobacco.