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The Best e-Liquid Reviews

Before you buy e-Liquid, it’s important to know how dripping e-Liquid and using cartridges are different. Cartridges contain e-Liquid. They are foil sealed to prevent the e-Liquid from leaking during transit or storage. Once you connect a cartridge to your electric cigarette, the atomizer pierces the foil and allows the eliquid to enter the atomizer where it is converted to vapor. The e-liquid in the cartridge is just like e-liquid sold separately in that it contains water, flavoring, nicotine (optional), and a vapor producer (PG or VG). The convenience of cartridges is that the eliquid is prepared at the factory for you. Because cartridges utilize foil seals, they are convenient for use and transport on the go. There are no concerns with filling or leaking and they represent a strong value at 80 cents to a dollar per cartridge.

e-Liquid on the other hand is even less expensive, because you buy it at a volume discount. e-Liquid users also have access to hundreds of flavors that are just not possible with prepared cartridges. Imagine tasting e-Liquid flavors like french toast, grandma’s apple pie, caramel apple, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, cotton candy and more. You get the idea. The flavors available with e-Liquid are unlimited! It is the amazing range of flavor availability that encourages most electronic cigarette users to use e-Liquid. The added savings is just the icing on the cake.

The only drawback for users that buy e-Liquid is the fact that it does take time to prepare cartridges with e-Liquid. Most cartridges can be prepared in 60 seconds or less with the right equipment and knowledge. The following video shows how you would load a new empty cartridge or a reused cartridge with e-Liquid.

You can see that refilling e-liquid is not too difficult. We find that most people end up buying both cartridges and e-liquid long term, because of the value of both. Buying cartridges can make some days easier for you, when you don’t have time to load e-liquid. Buying cartridges also ensures you will always have a steady supply of cartridges to use for loading e-liquid.

Once you decide to buy e-liquid, we have hundreds of flavors stockpiled for you on a special website.