Arrakis by Cloud Alchemist Review

With new vendors sprouting up like weeds on a daily basis, finding reputable vendors that are mixing high quality, sophisticated, flavorful premium e-liquid is becoming more of a challenge. Each and every time we throw down our hard earned cash, for juice from a vendor we know little to nothing about, we might as well be letting it ride on the roulette table. There’s enough quality juice out there that you could conceivably win big, but it’s just as likely that you’ll end up a loser, holding a weak, uninteresting, one-dimensional bottle of best e-juice that you simply don’t care for.

That line of thinking was always the inspiration behind this website. We want to make sure you have at least some idea of what to expect before making the best e-juice purchase. Of course, when I began this little journey, there were far fewer vendors than there is today, which is still fewer than there will be tomorrow. Fortunately, a good number of vendors approach me about reviewing their juice, and Cloud Alchemist is one of them. I’m excited to share with you the premium e-liquids that they offer starting with Arrakis.

  • Brand Cloud Alchemist
  • Manufactured By Cloud Alchemist
  • Blend Type Aromatic
  • Contents Arrakis, Italian Tobacco Flavor
  • Flavoring E-Liquid
  • Size 10ml.30ml.120ml
  • Packaging 50g Tin
  • Country USA

Woody Italian Tobacco spiced with cardamom and clove and finished with a touch of sweetness.

Most of Cloud Alchemist’s reviews are written as it is a sweeter style juice. Arrakis is a cardamom and clove with an Italian tobacco front note with a menthol/caramel style vape. I was eager to see how they fared when it came to tobacco flavors, an entirely different style of mixing that requires a bit more skill to mix than a simple sweet vape.

Review of Arrakis

I must admit, I had a few flavors from Cloud Alchemist waiting for review, however, I opted to start with their Italian Tobacco Flavor, simply because it sounded downright tasty. After just a single vape, there is no doubt that it is just that and more.

Arrakis opens with a light sweetness that is graceful and complex, yet not easily identifiable as menthol or caramel. It’s a sweet, natural, clean flavor. A nuttiness begins to enter the profile at the very top of the exhale, adding a savory note along with a full, rich, remarkably smooth tobacco component.

The tobacco used by Cloud Alchemist is exceptional in that it conveys the full scope of the rich, bold notes that a high-quality tobacco flavor can encompass while managing to keep the bold, in-your-face potency that many blended tobacco flavors are built around, well in check.
Exhale & Inhale
This masterful blend allows the sweet and spicy elements of the composition to persist through the exhale and into the long, well-balanced finish. That is the highlight of this juice. While I’ve tasted quite a few magnificent tobacco flavors recently, the flavor of Arrakis stands alone in that it is soft, mild and mellow, yet full-bodied, complex, and rich with the flavor of natural tobacco. It’s highlighted by a savory, clove sweetness with an intensely satisfying caramel note.
The Taste Note
The sweet spot with this juice is quite wide, but I preferred to vape Arrakis at 5.4v on a 2.5Ω atty yielding a little over 11.5 watts. Not only does this wattage make for a tasty, well-balanced tobacco vape, it also packs in a strong yet smooth throat hit, and produces a good sized cloud of vapor. This juice was also able to produce the same rich, complex flavors in a mech mod/RDA rig with a sub-Ω coil (twisted 28ga kanthal on XC-116 at .7Ω) without issue.

BrandCloud Alchemist
Manufactured ByCloud Alchemist
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsArrakis, Italian Tobacco Flavor
Size 10ml.30ml.120ml
Packaging50g Tin
ProductionCurrently available