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The Milk Fruity Vape Juice By Monster Vape Labs Review

The irresistible Milk Fruity e-juice is a classic manufactured by the legendary Monster Vape Labs brand. It is part of the tobacco-free nicotine vape juice line referred to as ‘The Milk.’ The vape juice combines sweet fruity and milk flavors to provide the ultimate mouthwatering treat. This all-day vape is a great addition to your collection of e-liquids.

About Monster Vape Labs

Monster Vape Labs is a global vaping brand considered a leader in the industry. The company is focused on providing millions of people with a wide variety of safe and effective options as they embark on the journey to quitting smoking. All its products are made in an ISO, and GMP certified manufacturing factory by a professional and highly qualified team. 

Product description

Favorable e-liquid capacity

Once you taste this e-liquid, you will appreciate the fact that it comes in a large 100ml bottle. This is the kind of vape juice that you would want to revisit repeatedly. Buying it in 10ml or 30ml bottles would require you to buy several bottles, which isn’t cost-effective in the long run. Buying in bulk allows you to enjoy your favorite flavor for longer while saving some cash in the process. 

Tantalizing flavor

A milky flavor engulfs your taste buds as you have the first puff, followed by palate-stimulating, subtle fruity hints. This wholesome flavor can be felt on every inch of the taste buds and lingers long after you are done with vaping. Don’t be surprised when you go back to it sooner than later.  

VG/PG ratio of 75/25

The Milk Fruity e-juice is made from blending 75% Vegetable Glycerin and 25% Propylene Glycol. High VG blends are best suited for sub-ohm vaping. Expect favorable, thick clouds when vaping this liquid. The throat hit is gentle yet wholesome. 

Comes in varying strengths

You can get The Milk Fruity e-liquid in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This allows you to pick the version that suits your needs. Monster Vape Labs understands the diversity of its clients, and as a result, they try and come up with product variations that appeal to different segments of vapers. 

Should you buy the Milk Fruity vape juice from Monster Vape Labs?

Absolutely. This is a classic e-liquid with a creamy, tasty, and fruity flavors that will appeal to anyone. Monster Vape Labs has gone above and beyond to ensure that their customers enjoy the very best.

Where to buy the Milk Fruity vape juice 

You can purchase a 100ml bottle of The Milk Fruity Vape juice from the Guide To Vaping online store for $14.99. Visit the Guide to Vaping website today and get treated to this vape liquid plus a host of other products from Monster Vape Labs and other brands.

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