Top 3 Vanilla Vape Juice Flavors

Very Vanilla Vape Juice (30ML)

  • 1 30ml bottle of your E-Liquid flavor.
  • Select between 70% PG / 30% VG, 50% PG / 50% VG or MAX VG
  • Price:$15.99

Many people are known to cite the smooth and creamy flavor of vanilla as their favorite ice cream, and VaforFi has attempted to capture that taste with their Very Vanilla e-liquid. The simplicity of cream, vanilla, and sugar is all you will get in this robust vanilla flavor. For those traditionalists, this vanilla offers something creamy, sweet and absolutely pure.

I love vanilla myself, and overall, I have to say that I find this e-liquid quite pleasurable. It does taste very much like vanilla ice cream, without being so overly sweet that one couldn’t vape with it all day if they wanted to. Although the vanilla flavor in this vape juicemay, in fact, be artificial, it tastes to me like some actual vanilla beans might have been used in the process of creating it.

Overall, if you enjoy the idea of a vanilla ejuice,  I do recommend giving very Vanilla a try. If you are sensitive to PG, they also market a VG-based version of its Very Vanilla liquid. The VG-based liquid costs $15.99 for a 30 ml bottle.

Additionally, Vaforfi sells a five-bottle assortment. This sample pack is minimal cost and comes with Vanilla, Chocolate, Ginger, Clove and RY4. This can allow you try Vanilla along with some of VaforFi’s other specialty flavors without paying the price for a full bottle.

 Rating: 4.9

Very Vanilla E liquid – VapeMate

Strength: 0% mg, 0.3% mg, 0.6% mg,1.2%mg,1.8%mg

VG – 50% & 70%

Size: 10 ml

Price: £3.29

  • Buy 3 –£3.09 each & save 7%
  • Buy 5 – £2.89 each & save 13%
  • Buy 10 – £2.69 each & save 19%
Pack Contains
  • Plastic 10 ml full bottle vanilla
  • Child-proof bottle
  • Leak-free filling tip
  • PG/VG perfect ration a liquid blend with Very Vanilla flavorings
  • Pharmaceutical tested & grade nicotine
  • Usable for all types of refillable electronic cigarette or personal vaping devices (PVD)

Vapor: At 18mg nicotine level, Smoke Revolution’s Very Vanilla e-liquid is an intense, slightly sweet e-liquid that, to me, doesn’t really resemble vanilla at all — but I wouldn’t call it bad, either.

Throat Hit: Be prepared for some significant throat hit with this e-liquid. Having tried several 18 mg e-liquids in the past, I have always assumed that 24 mg would be more than I’d ever need; my recent tests with Smoke Revolution USA’s e-liquids have proven me right. However, for anyone who seeks out the most intense electronic cigarette experiences available and is always looking for something that provides more throat his than the rest, this is definitely a company you should consider looking at.

Flavor: A 100-percent propylene glycol-based e-liquid, Very Vanilla nevertheless produces a fair amount of vapor; indeed, nearly as much as you can get with the PG/vegetable glycerin mixes that have become popular recently.

On the inhale, I can’t taste any specific flavor notes in Very Vanilla, instead, what I taste are general flavor categories; a little sweetness, some flavors reminiscent of tobacco — the high nicotine could be contributing to this perception — and some smoky notes. On the exhale, I can taste a bit of the vanilla flavor, but it doesn’t really resemble any natural or artificial vanilla flavor I’m familiar with.

While I can’t really call Vape Box e-juices – Vapemate Very Vanilla a success as a vanilla e-liquid, it does have an interesting combination of sweet and savory flavor notes that makes it almost resemble a sweet flavored cigar. I would almost think of it more as a flavored tobacco e-liquid rather than a dessert flavor.

Rating: 4.7

Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo e-juice

Ratio: 50:50 PG/VG

Nicotine Level: I currently have 0mg, but you can order it with 0,3 and 6
Device used: I used a Chiyou with an igo-W, .5 ohm dual coil build
Vapor: The vapor production on this juice was not as fluffy and thick as I thought, but it still was throwing out clouds! Pretty amazing! I spent some time having fun with this.
Throat Hit:There was absolutely no throat hit, this juice was smooth in, and smooth out!
Flavor:The flavor of this exceeded my expectations! When it says “Vanilla Almond Milk” I was thinking, maybe just the smell of some vanilla extract and artificial vanillas and maybe a peppery aftertaste that you get with other vanilla type flavors have. Nope! This is a vanilla custard with a hint of magic! It has that flavor at the end of your hit that you can’t quite pinpoint, but it brings it all together for a sweet dessert flavor.
Overall Experience
My first impressions of this product were really good… MOO nailed it with this juice. The label is simple but has a sophisticated look and the smell is phenomenal! This juice is one of the smoothest vapes I have experienced thus far. When taking those big hits, the aftertaste is my favorite part of this juice, it has that “magic” flavor!  In my opinion, it is a little too sweet and rich tasting, but one of the best dessert flavors I’ve had. Those people who love sweet vanilla and dessert juices, this one for you!
If you’re interested in trying them out in the future, I highly recommend you go to Vape box e-liquid subscription!
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Rating: 4.5