Basics of E-Liquid

What Is the Role of the E-Juice?

The e-juice is perhaps the most important part of the e-cigarette.Without it, the e-cigarette will definitely cease to perform its desired action. An e-cigarette may run on batteries, but the real fuel of this device is the e-juice. The e-juice is a substance that is added into the cartridge of an e-cigarette.

This substance has two main types. One type of e-juice has propylene glycol in it, and the other is composed mainly of vegetable glycerin. There are also some cases where e-juice manufacturers mix the two together. Aside from these two ingredients,the e-juice also contains nicotine and flavorings. If you’re wondering if the propylene glycol is safe to use, dont worry, because propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are common ingredients for many types of food.

The e-juice is the source of the e-cigarette vapor and taste. Once the atomizer heats up the e-juice, vapor is formed and is inhaled by the e-cigarette user. The nicotine controls the cigarette cravings of the smoker, and the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin create the vapor. The flavorings are there to provide a distinctive flavor to the e-juice.

“Good” VS “Bad” E-Liquid

The basic elements of e-liquids are almost same, a slight differences are rather important between their brands on the real market. These help differentiate and compete to the best ejuice from the wrost ones. There are mainly 4 different elements to look for if you are buying and want to determine the overall quality factor of an e-liquid. These are production, , the vapor production, the throat hit and flavoring.


What is in e cig liquid?

e-Cigs contain only the following ingredients. These are:

Propylene glycol (PG) / vegetable glycerin (VG)
Flavoring & Nicotine