Detox Drink Review

Why Divine Detox’s Instant Action Detox Drink is a Game-Changer for Your Detox Process

What do you do when you discover you have a pending drug test? What product do you trust to help you beat the test? Working with a reliable, trusted, and reputable brand is warranted in such a situation. Divine Detox introduces the Instant Action Detox Drink, a revolutionary product guaranteed to clear out major systems within 90 minutes. This formulation utilizes natural diuretics, laxatives, herbal supplements, and vitamins to provide clean urine that guarantees a negative result. 

About Divine Detox 

Divine Detox is a brand under Salvage Enterprises. The company is dedicated to creating premium products that resonate with the needs of consumers, specifically those looking to detox with a safe product. Its first and best-selling product is the Instant Action Detox Drink, which features a formulation set to change the detox scene. As the name suggests, this drink guarantees instant action, leaving you toxin-free for hours. Here are the top reasons why you should pick this fast-acting detox drink. 

Product description 

Proprietary blend of ingredients

Divine Detox uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that include Creatine Monohydrate, Cascara Sagrada Extract, Pomegranate Juice Extract, and Blueberry Extract as the main components. Secondary ingredients include Purified Water, Fructose, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sucralose, Natural and Artificial Flavors, and FD&C Blue 1.

These compounds work in synergy to flush all the harmful free radicals and metabolites from your system within an hour and a half. 

Fast-acting effects

Need fast detox results? Try Instant Action Detox Drink. Within 90 minutes, all the toxins will be flushed from your system, leaving you with clean urine, tears, sweat, blood, and saliva. The effects last for 4 to 5 hours. For effective results, refrain from taking any drugs 48 hours before taking the drink and take plenty of water.

Simple administration procedure 

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Taking the Instant Action Detox Drink is a straightforward process, which can be broken down into three easy steps;

  1. Remove the bottle from the packing and shake vigorously to ensure the ingredients are mixed perfectly.
  2. Open the bottle and drink all the detox liquid. 
  3. Within 30 minutes, fill the bottle with water twice and drink. 

During the detox period, avoid taking any food to allow maximum absorption of the liquid into the system. Secondly, urinate frequently to get rid of the toxins.

Delicious flavor 

The Instant Action Detox Drink has a sweet, pleasant blue raspberry flavor. While most people picture detox formulations as bitter liquids, Divine Detox changes the narrative by introducing a delicious taste that will make the whole experience bearable and, to some extent, fun.

Backed by 3rd party lab report

Divine Detox is a reputable brand that adheres to strict manufacturing standards. The Instant Action Detox Drink is made using top-tier ingredients that guarantee results as indicated. The product is backed by 3rd party laboratory results. The report highlights all the compounds present in the formulation plus its safety profile. You can find the report on the Divine Detox website. 


Divine Detox provides one of the most affordable detox products on the market without compromising quality. You can purchase the Instant Action Detox Drink from the Divine Detox website. It is available in a single pack for $17.99, 2-pack for $32.99. And 4-pack for $65.99. Visit the site to enjoy the numerous deals and discounts, including price cuts for bulk orders.